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Everett, WA

Prepared by: Taleena Koch - Pulmonary Fibrosis Advocate for Patients and Families

Breathe Support Network

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Advocating to provide support for pulmonary fibrosis patients & families

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The Breathe Support Network, established in June 2011, has become a premier online pulmonary fibrosis support network on the Facebook groups platform. 


As a volunteer only organization, we enable patients and their loved ones to enjoy a better quality of life on the PF journey through peer to peer support, education and advocacy.  We are available throughout the world for anyone on the PF journey as well as those interested in learning more about pulmonary fibrosis.

Our peer-to-peer support is for PF patients and loved ones in all stages of the disease process. 


The Breathe Support Network groups are free to everyone.  A membership fee is not required to join.  Our support groups are private.  What you post in the groups stays within the groups.  With 6 groups in our network, we have a group that is right for you.

Because we are an online network, our doors are always open.  24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can find support.

You may sign up for our mailing list in the box to the right.  This list is for future communication in the event of a Facebook outage.  Your private information will never be sold or distributed in any way.

Thank you from your Breathe Support Network team!

Our network is GROWING!

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UNDER age 40.

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