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Beverly Ann Williams Hart: 2/27/1939 – 9/27/2009

My mom, Beverly, was diagnosed November 26, 2003 with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis – IPF.  We had never heard of this disease and were just hopeful she didn’t have lung cancer.  Little did we know that lung cancer might have been a blessing.  We were stunned when told she had “2 years, at best, to live” and to get her affairs in order.


Our goal was to learn about the disease and how to ensure her a good quality of life.  We quickly found out there wasn’t much information about this disease.  I spent my time talking to doctors and researching every time something new came up with her health.  She spent her time truly learning how to #LIVEwithPF and enjoying and being thankful for every single day. 

Due to our diligence with her healthcare, as well as her amazing POSITIVE attitude, she was gifted with 6 beautiful years.  She told me it is not our place to question “why” she had IPF but instead, to find the reasons.  She chose to be happy.  She chose to see her cup as “half full”.  She chose to “find the silver lining around every cloud”.  What she taught me over the course of those 6 years was invaluable.  I still learn from her today – nearly 10 years later.


Today, I dedicate this site and my work in the PF community to her memory, her honesty, her perseverance, her love and positivity, and her zest for life.  She was my mother, my best friend, my confidant, and my rock.  I know that she is up there watching and knowing just how very much she meant to me and how she truly shaped me into the woman I am today and shaped my life – and continues to shape my life.


Thank you Mom for being the best mother, friend, and teacher anyone could ask for! 

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Prepared by: Taleena Koch - Pulmonary Fibrosis Advocate for Patients and Families

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